October 2009

Awards and Honors Bestowed on Several Active Members

Awards and Honors Bestowed
on Several Active Members

Several members were awarded richly-deserved accolades at OBCAI’s annual recognition luncheon held on September 26th at the annual international education conference.

“Each of these amazing individuals has given selflessly of their time and energy to ensure a more successful future for each of us. Their impact has strengthened all of us, said Carrie Gates, OBCAI President.  “Each of these honorees have a common trait.  “They do not seek recognition for their efforts, which only adds to the feeling of appreciation in honoring them for their service.”

  • Edward Bungert [World-Wide Business Centres] received the 2009 Volunteer of the Year Award.  Ed has been a long-standing member of OBCAI and has continually served the association and its mission for over 15 years.  This year his contributions included serving as President of the OBCANY LMN and volunteering on the Membership Committee.  Under his leadership, as President of OBCANY, the LMN grew its membership by 30% this year.  He was the ‘brain’ behind the LMN Unity Day video conference in June, which attracted participants from 18 different markets and 9 countries.

  • Andrea Pirrotti [Pirrotti Marketing Group] was the recipient of the 2009 Associate Member of the Year Award.  Andrea’s contributions to the Marketing/PR Committee has been the driving force behind OBCAI’s new social networking platform.  With Andrea’s assistance, OBCAI is evolving with the changing times.

  • Cynthia Rostie [The Rostie Group] won the 2009 Leadership Award.  Cynthia has shown tremendous leadership through her involvement with the Canadian LMN; the International Task Force; and as a liaison with Technology companies.  The Rostie Group provided the call bridge and technology support behind the successful LMN Unity Day video conference.

  • John Jordan [Business Suites], OBCAI’s Treasurer received special recognition for his Outstanding Leadership on the Board of Directors during the 2008-2009 year.  John was the driving force behind the comprehensive OBCAI Industry Financial Study – a goldmine of information for business center operators.

  • OBCA Canada won the Local Member Network of the Year Award for the 2nd consecutive year! As a “freshman” LMN, Toronto demonstrated tremendous strength and unity.  This year their contributions included negotiating the member benefit program with FedEx, now available to all members in North America.  They also partnered with the New York LMN to help drive the LMN Unity Day video conference.

Several others were awarded for their outstanding service to the association.

  • Carrie Gates [Barrister Executive Suites] was honored for her ‘selfless dedication and service’ as 2009 President.

  • Troy Fabish [Executive Office Place] was honored with Lifetime Member Status for his outstanding Board Service from 2003-2009.

  • Finally, three tremendous outgoing Board members were honored for their service on the Board:  Jeff Warner [Pacific Business Centers] who served on the Board from 2005-2009; Thad Pittman [Corporate Office Centers] who served on the Board from 2007-2009; and Roger Voralia [Instant Offices] who served on the Board from 2008-2009.