October 2009

Industry Financial Study Released

Comprehensive 2009 Industry
Financial Study Available in November

OBCAI releases its 2009 Financial Study of the industry on November 2, 2009. The study represents the most complete, accurate and up-to-date database of office business centers’ financial and operating data published anywhere. Surveys were collected and confidentially tabulated by Industry Insights, Inc., which has been compiling surveys for trade and professional associations for almost 30 years.

The Financial Study’s data is based on OBCAI’s survey of 132 companies representing 575 business centers. “We are very pleased with the tremendous participation rate this year,” said John Jordan [BusinesSuites], OBCAI’s Treasurer who spearheaded the survey. “The data represents a legitimate representation of the industry – the sample size is significant – and contains very valuable comparable and trend data. For example, the survey identifies a group of high profit centers which are the top 25% ranked by profit margins. These high profit centers have a profit margin three times that of the average center, and the survey provides comparable data to help operators unlock some of the secrets of these high profit centers.”

Want to know the break-even occupancy level based for centers that are leasing space vs. centers that are owned by the building operator? Interested in profit per square foot figures? Wonder what virtual office trends look like? How about revenue per occupied office? Curious how your center stacks up against the high profit centers with profit margins in the top 25% of respondents? Then purchase your copy of the OBCAI Financial Study now!

Copies of the study are $249 for members only - but discounted to only $99 for members who participated in the survey.

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