October 2009

Industry Association Presidents Pledge to Work Together

Presidents of several industry associations met and discussed issues concerning their members and the industry at the EUROCBCA annual meeting held on September 28th in Paris.  OBCAI President Carolina Rendeiro attended, representing OBCAI.  Issues discussed among the Presidents included; Web Broker Best Practice Issues; Industry Financial Studies; and Industry Classification.

European Association Presidents grasped the importance of OBCAI’s soon-to-be released Financial Study and pledged to work with OBCAI to expand the study’s coverage to include significant representation from Europe.

Eduardo Sasamendi, President of the Spanish OBC Association – Asociacion Espanola de Centros de Negocias – announced that the Spanish Association’s annual meeting will be held May 21-22, 2010 in Seville.

Rendeiro will represent OBCAI at both the Spanish and the UK-BCA Conference in 2010, to be held May 17-18. “My intention this year is to work closely with the International organizations in order to share best practices on all sides of the world and to have better programs in place at our annual conference next year in Miami,” said Rendeiro.