October 2009

The Reviews Are In for OBCAI’s 2009 Annual International Conference

Education and fun were on
the docket

OBCAI’s Annual International Conference, held September 24-27th at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina in San Diego was given high reviews by attendees. The Education sessions received positive reviews from members;

  • On “The Presidential Address” featuring Carrie Gates - “Carrie got me psyched to read the industry survey results and the introduction of Richard Meyers as our new Executive Director was an awesome surprise.”

  • On “Achieving Excellence in a Changing World” featuring Christine Corelli“Nice motivational speaker who got the audience to participate and learn from each other.”

  • On “'Supersizing' Your Lease Negotiations through the Downturn Capturing Best Practices to Add Value and Avoid Costs” featuring Jay Baughman, Laurent D’Hollande, Melody Hach, Brenda Hesse (moderator), Avneesh Nigam, Carolina Rendeiro, and Richard Schuchts - – “Very helpful. They were impressive.”

  • On “Employee Retention: Creating the W-O-W Environment” featuring Wendy Spreenberg - “Now I understand what to look for and how to handle certain situations.”

  • On “Comparing CRM Programs” featuring Paul Carter, Joanne Escobar (Moderator) David Jakubowski, Wenona Jones, and Kim Seipel - “Very informative. The materials were excellent.”

  • On “Building Your LMN” featuring Ed Bungert, Isabel Garcia (moderator), Ray Lindenberg and Cynthia Rostie – “Great session from the people who walk the walk.”

  • On “Using 2009 OBCAI Industry Survey Results to Improve Your Profitability” featuring John Jordan - “Great presentation and great study.”

  • On the “General Session: Financial Trends – A Global Perspective” featuring J. Antonio “Tony” Villamil “As an attendee from Europe, this was my favorite session. He really gave a great presentation that allowed me to see global trends.”

  • On “Business is Not Down, it’s Different” featuring Annette Reizburg and Susan Smith“This presentation alone made the conference worth it to me.”

  • On “Global Market Trends: How are We Surviving, Thriving, and What Predictions Do We Have About the Future?” featuring Oussama El Omar, Sascha Hartmann, John Jordan (moderator), Jeff Reinstein, and Patrick Schaller“Great session, just great. Jeff Reinstein’s thoughts were really interesting."

  • On “Eliminate Down-Time and Expand Your Service Offerings” featuring Brian Gardner“Good stuff to know.”

  • On Creating your Social and New Media Battle Plan: Ensure Your Business Center Prevails in Today's Turbulent Marketplace featuring Mike Sullivan and Andrea Pirrotti“Very good session – they didn’t just speak in marketing babble – there was real take-home stuff here."

  • On “The Ring of Confidence: Present Your Technology to Win Prospects & Clients" featuring Tony Freeth and Dale Hersowitz “I liked that they didn’t just sell product. They spoke in a general sense and that was appreciated."

  • On Your Staffing Plan: Financially Prepare for Your Employees featuring Kathy Hart“It helped me understand what to look for.”

  • On HyperConnected Workplace featuring Bob Preston and Jim Van Meggelen “Bingo. They hit it on the head.”

  • On the closing Roundtable Discussion: Focus on Single Center Operators - Most Important Issues Affecting YOU! – “Great way to end the education portion of the conference.”

Additionally, members enjoyed a first-rate “San Diego” dinner event at The Wave House featuring live surfers on the man-made wave simulator; free entry into one of San Diego’s hottest clubs; two business center tours featuring Corporate Office Centers and Barrister Executive Suites; an exciting luncheon featuring the installation of OBCAI’s new President, Carolina Rendeiro as well as the presentation of several member awards; and additional exciting events provided for members by members, including a beautiful reception on the Harbor by Serviced Office Suites and a ‘raging’ house party thrown by the New York Local Member Network.

“Everything was well thought out and informative. I plan to return,” said one attendee. “San Diego was beautiful and the climate was as advertised. And that Miami video got me pumped up for next year.”

View slide show #1 from the conference (courtesy of David Rostie)
View slide show #2 from the conference (courtesy of David Jakubowski)
View slide show #3 from the conference (courtesy of Rachelle Shea)
View slide show #4 from the conference (courtesy of Colleen Hickey)