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What We Do For You


Annual Conference: The industry's best Educational Conference & Trade Show: Our annual international conference and trade show brings together industry professionals and outside experts to learn from each other through a wide range of educational programs offered in technology, staff development, sales, marketing and operations management.

Webinars: OBCAI’s Webinar series provide continuing education on a variety of topics including the latest in Marketing, Operations, Sales Generation, and real, practical proven OBC technology that is driving profits in many visionary OBCs.

Training: OBCAI-endorsed trainers provide industry-specific and “proven results’ sales and operations training for center managers at a variety of cities. Trainers can be brought to your company upon request.

Certification Program: OBCAI offers a "Certified Center Manager" certification program that ensures continued education and growth of key personnel.


The Office Wire: OBCAI’s eNews – The Office Wire - provides vital information to members with new and thought-provoking developments and trends relating to the OBC industry.

Industry Blogs: Blogs from vendors, blogs from managers, blogs from owners, and blogs from consultants. It’s all on the OBCAI website and it’s only available to members. The blogs will inevitably introduce you to new business ideas that will help your practice immeasurably.

Member Chat Board: Only members have access to our chat board, allowing easy access to the knowledge of those who know best how to run a successful business center – your OBCAI colleagues! The chat board is a must-have tool to discuss best practices, marketing, industry news and just plain old ‘how do you handle this situation’ stuff.

Networking & Business Growth

Local Member Networks: LMNs are a collaborative group of competitors that share a uniform purpose. Working together, local operators and managers meet occasionally to share ideas, exchange information, collectively market their purchasing power and spread awareness of the executive suite industry.

Advertising Opportunities: Advertising and sponsorship opportunities in our publications such as the The Office Wire and the Annual Conference Session Book as well as all of our LMN events, Webinars and annual conference, allow member vendors to easily reach their target audience.

Membership Directory: Members have access to the Association’s online membership Directory

OBC Financial Study: OBCAI’s annual Financial Study of the industry represents the most complete, accurate and up-to-date database of office business centers’ financial and operating data published anywhere. The Financial Study’s data is based on OBCAI’s annual survey representing 575 business centers and contains very valuable comparable and trend data. The survey identifies a group of high profit centers which are the top 25% ranked by profit margins. Members receive a deep discount to obtain the industry data.


OBCAI runs an ongoing national marketing campaign to educate the public about the effectiveness and flexibility of the OBC industry.

The Association also maintains an international office search feature on our Website where business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for office space by city, state, or zip code can find an OBCAI member location.

Finally, members receive a free press kit with tools including fact sheets, case studies and a Q&A to help promote their OBCs.

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